Our belief is that when it comes to healthy, happy skin, there’s no room for compromise.

We’re on a mission to give you the most luxurious skin potions that nourish and pamper your skin. Which is why we go over the top with our products to give you the best results, no matter what it takes.

Whether that means going over our precious formulations with a fine-toothed comb, pushing the boundaries with cutting-edge research, or scouring every inch of the earth to find the richest flora and innovative elixirs.

In a sea of options,
we gravitate towards the best

In our search to fill our products with the cleanest, most rewarding ingredients we turned to nutrient-rich flora. With the help of potent concentrates, we draw out the nourishing skin-boosting powers of these precious extracts and their ability to restore the perfect balance in your skin. We tirelessly go to the ends of the earth, leaving no stone unturned, to carefully select the most effective, skin-friendly ingredients.

We pack our products with ingredients that serve a purpose

With the help of cutting-edge technology, we craft skin-refining elixirs that boast the perfect balance of therapeutic flowers and effective concentrates with exceptional potential. It takes multiple formulation trials, rigorous clinical testing, and expert evaluations before we’re satisfied that a product is good enough for you.


Healthy happy skin,
powered by flowers

Our Founder

It all started with our founder and skincare aficionado, Sachi Lalani Mittal’s, struggle during the pandemic of finding affordable high-quality skincare in the Indian market. Combined with her passion for skincare, love for flowers, and her dedication to establishing a valuable, long-term brand, OTT was born. An Indian-made brand, on par with any international brand.

From a career that has extended across various corners of the advertising industry and beauty editorials at the likes of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, Sachi brings her understanding of the consumer and her experience of 10 years in the market to the table. Using her expertise and her passion to create an affordable, nature-powered luxury skincare brand that is aligned with the Indian customer’s needs and sensibilities.